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Often, cyber safety and digital parenting evokes feelings of fear, confusion, and overwhelm. The digital world that the younger generation are immersed in can fill the adults with dread. Parents feel out of control and worried for their children. It is indeed a different world to grow up in the glaring spotlight of social media.

It is highly possible for children to find themselves in trouble online. They can make contact with undesirable people, they can be bullied, their photos can be taken and shared without consent, they can compromise their reputations and missing out on opportunities because of online transgressions.

Despite of the high risk, there are still children who are doing just fine. They have good decision making, engage in positive interactions, and make the most of the benefits of being connected. So, the role of the parents is to guide their children to be responsible users of the Internet. However, it’s not just an easy job. Listed below are just some questions by the parents relating to cyber safety and parenting in a digital world.