Safety Web

How do I ensure they don’t see pornography and inappropriate material?

To be short, the answer is, it is near to impossible. It is certain that parents should do all they can do to ensure their homes are protected with filters, software, settings and applications that prevent the material going through. Yes, parents can set up individual devices, invest in tools such as wifi modems to protect all connected devices, filter search engines and popular sites with inappropriate content BUT they could not just rely on these things.

Parents cannot maintain full control throughout adolescents. For instance, it is not guaranteed that the friends of their children have the same protective set ups in place when they go over for a play date. Parents cannot assume that their kids won’t log in to a free and unprotected wifi at a local café or look over the shoulder of a mate on a bus.

The best thing parents can do is to remain alert and aware of the possibility that children might be exposed to inappropriate things online. It may be awkward to discuss this issue as it is sometimes embarrassing for the young ones, but parents should be able to remind their children is not how they need to view sexuality and relationships.