Safety Web

My children’s habits and trends seem to be different all the time. How do we keep up when technology seems to change so quickly?

Indeed, children do know a lot of their devices and the technical aspect, and when they can fix technical issues, it can seem like magic. They often have an innate ability to understand how their devices work like a sixth sense.

However, although they know so many technical things, they don’t automatically have the ability to understand how the online world really works. They are yet to realize the challenges inside a world that is so connected and public.

The world requires more than just knowing how technology works, it requires that they learn and understand how humans work, their behaviours, their motivations, their actions, and the consequences of all these factors. They need their parents to guide them through these complex, and often unspoken rules of the world. If you understand this, then you can see new apps and technology as merely tools which overlay, extend and make convenient these human traits.